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Multiple Auto Insurance Quotes: Keeping the Family Safe and Covered!

They may not be the gold-star fleet of some five-star corporation, but the cars parked in the driveway are the fleet that gets the family to at least seven different locations each day . . . on time . . . without a hitch! Dad goes downtown to the shop. Mom drops the young children off at school then goes to class at the university. The older kids drive to the high school with one of them needing to get to work afterward. Dad then picks up the kids from school . . . mom goes grocery shopping after class, one child drops the other at the local hardware store for her part-time job and the other goes to football practice. Mom then picks up the working child on the way home and somewhere after 6:00 pm, all the cars are back in the driveway, schedules met and everyone is home safely. But here’s the question: On such a tight budget and with so many cars to insure, how does a family afford it? The answer begins with getting multiple auto insurance quotes so decisions made can be economically sound and provide as much insurance coverage as is possible.

Multiple car insurance quotes may be put on the family’s kitchen table so each driver, each car and each specific need can feature in the decision.

  • Do any of dad’s professional organizations warrant a discount?
  • Are any of the safety features on mom’s car listed for a possible discount?
  • Does one car need comprehensive and collision while another only liability?
  • If the older kids who drive are excellent students, might this affect the overall price?
  • Multiple Auto Insurance Quotes

  • With multiple auto insurance quotes, can deductibles be set to accurately reflect what is needed and the history of each driver?
  • What is the relationship between the agent and the family?
  • Is there a fast turn-around time for claims and are they easy to process?
  • For replacement or repair, multiple auto insurance quotes will suggest rental options so the family’s schedule is minimally interrupted?
  • If one of the cars is in an accident, does this reflect on all the drivers with an overall increase in premiums?
  • Multiple auto insurance quotes will also tell of the possibility of different deductibles for different cars?

These are just some of the questions that can be answered with multiple auto insurance quotes. We hope that each person that uses the Kaups Insurance sites  finds a “good fit” in terms of the needs they have as a multi-car family in a fast-paced world. We can connect each customer with more than likely dependable and trustworthy companies who will provide multiple car insurance quotes that may then be used to purchase policies that are both practical and secure. Owning multiple cars is hard enough; why not glean from multiple auto insurance quotes and make the insurance coverage convenient and affordable?

By David Olmstead

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