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Small Business Insurance – Protection that really matters

Nothing is small when everything one has is invested . . . and no business regardless of someone’s estimate of size is less in need of security, stability and smart practice. Just like a sailor would not neglect the stability of the keel in building a sail boat, neither would a business person forget the stability that insurance can offer when building a business. Small business insurance is essential, yet it takes serious focus and consideration to purchase the right policy. There are so many different ways to package small business insurance that it helps to glean information from as many sources as possible in order to do an accurate and careful comparative analysis. Comprehensive research is advised, yet actually speaking to companies or agents who are professional is the best source of information.

The basic issues for any small business insurance will revolve around certain hubs:

  • Liability – protection against losses incurred as a result of actions that create loss and/or damage to others.
  • Property – protection for the physical plant, tools and equipment
  • Worker’s compensation – protection in the case of employee accident and injury
  • Business interruption – protection in case some disaster strikes and business has to shut down
  • Health – protection of one’s health, one’s family and perhaps the health of employees
  • BOP (business owner’s policy) – protection via a kind of umbrella policy that covers many (but not all) aspects of a business
  • Key-Man – protection for business when the one who makes the business happen is side-lined
  • Buy-Sell Agreements – protection where a business partner is involved and the situation changes

Small business insurance can also be purchased in ways that may offer discounts. Asking questions of any agent or insurance company is important, questions such as, “Is there a “pool” that may be joined that will reduce costs? Are there organizations that offer discounts? Are there safety features that may discount insurance costs?” For any small business, purchasing insurance is done with a view towards obeying any legal requirements and yet, more than that, it is done using common good sense in dealing with security, protection and smooth transition in times of unforeseen trouble. Whether we are speaking of “natural disasters,” a partner leaving, equipment failure or employee issues, small business insurance must be analyzed while looking to balance wants, needs, risks and costs. This is not a simple task!

We at Kaups Insurance are proud to provide small business insurance quotes service that makes the job of understanding and ultimately purchasing small business insurance easier. We do this by connecting customers with a myriad of reputable and skilled insurance companies who are able to offer different kinds of policies based in specific needs outlined by the consumer. By shopping and comparing, small business owners can be assured that they are buying what they need and getting what they pay for.

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By David Olmstead

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